Review: My facial at Skin Renewal Aesthetic Clinic

Skin Renewal Aesthetic Clinic in Morningside. Picture: Meneesha Govender

A while ago I was invited to enjoy a complimentary facial at the newly-opened Skin Renewal Aesthetic Clinic in Morningside.

After a severe bout of flu, I felt my skin needed a bit of pampering and rehydration, so gladly accepted.

Skin Renewal is part of the Renewal Institute, which claims to take an integrated approach to health and aesthetics. It consists of Skin, Body, Health, Brain and Sleep Renewal – each offering specialist treatments in those areas. The institute is one of the largest medical anti-aging companies in South Africa and boasts 16 branches nationwide.

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Author, Ali Land, to launch her debut novel in SA

Ali Land, author of one of the most extraordinary, controversial and explosive literary debuts of 2017, with be launching her book Good Me Bad Me to Cape Town audiences in September. She will be participating in a number of events at the Open Book Festival between September 6 and 10

She will also be at the following venues:

  • Elsie’s River Library on September 7 at 11am
  • Kalk Bay book store at 5.30pm
  • Fishhoek Library on September 8 at 10am
  • Exclusive Books Cavendish on Stepember 14 at 6.30pm.

Take a look at my review of Good Me Bad Me earlier this year.

You can also read an extract from the book and  a Q&A with Ali Land here.

  • Good Me Bad Me is published by Penguin Random House


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Blonde: Not so dumb after all

The gene pool can often be a murky morass from which we may inherit some pretty horrid traits. Well, that’s how I saw my white hair for most of my life.

The first strand appeared on my head when I was a mere 10 years old! Every time I saw it I’d pluck the offending hair, inspect it carefully and bin it quickly. Not a hint of colour there.
Many factors cause hair to go grey prematurely – stress, anaemia, a lack of vitamin B12, genetics. In my case it is the latter.Continue reading →

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Dan Brown’s Origin will be in stores soon

Origin by Dan Brown

Origin is said to be Dan Brown’s “most brilliant and entertaining novel to date” and will be available at bookstores in October.

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Review: Read Sophie Hannah if the unexpected doesn’t scare you

A Game for All the Family by Sophie Hannah

For a while now, I have been unable to read a serious, thought-provoking novel.

Hence my last review was a of a Sophie Kinsella novel that I, surprisingly, thoroughly enjoyed. The happy ending was just what I needed to soothe my soul that weekend.

I strongly believe that to truly embrace reading, one must accept that there is a time and place to enjoy different genres – even ones you generally wouldn’t go near.

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Why I’m glad I was forced to watch ‘Wonder Woman’

Kiki is “my person”. It’s a term that originated from one of my favourite television series, Grey’s Anatomy. “My person” is the one I go to for just about everything. She’s the one I can’t stay mad at and the one who supports me even when I refuse to say sorry. Being someone’s “person” is a commitment.

I’ve started my blog with this explanation to contextualise why I capitulated – despite my every nerve railing against it – to watch Wonder Woman with Kiki as part of her birthday celebration.

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Here’s a great read from Sophie Kinsella

'My Not So Perfect Life' y Sophie Kinsella

Every now and then it’s okay to live out the box – do something you don’t often do, read something you don’t often read.

I’ve never been much of a “chick lit” fan. But, as I embark on new journeys, I’ve decided to read new genres as well.

Choosing to start with a Sophie Kinsella novel was a great idea. If it’s tongue-in-cheek, witty humour you enjoy then Kinsella’s novel My Not So Perfect Life is a fantastic read.

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Look what’s hit bookstores

Twenty years after releasing her bestseller, The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy returns with The Ministry of Utmost Happiness.

Can’t wait to get my hands on this novel!
Arundhati Roy

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Come on, play your part this Earth Hour

Earth Hour candle light

Here is a call to action worth considering.

Earth Hour is a global call to protect the planet and to stand up against climate change.

Having started in Australia in 2007, the event has since grown in leaps and bounds. South Africans began observing the hour from 2009, ahead of climate change talks in Copenhagen.

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Join in the Lindt Easter hunt

Lindt Gold Bunny

Who doesn’t enjoy chocolates over Easter? As much as I promise myself, I will not overindulge, Easter is the one time in the year when I cannot say no to chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs or bunnies of the milky variety.

This Easter, Lindt SA will again be hosting their Lindt Gold Bunny Gardens at various shopping malls around South Africa. And you can get one (or two!) of their famous gold bunnies personalised for yourself.


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