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About me

I am a wordsmith who draws on over 20 years of print and online experience as a journalist. I offer a wide range of online and editorial services.
My strengths are attention to detail, efficiency, and empathy. My promise is to use my efficiency and knowledge to help you reach the goals you have set out for yourself.
I apply this to these fields:
WordPress website/blog setup, with training if required.
Social media services, content creation and basic SEO.
Writing for websites.
Online work – curation, project management, strategy.
Training – a range of editorial and online modules are available. I tailor my courses to suit your needs.
My experience:

  • BA Masters in South African English Literature and a BA (Hons) degree in African Literature. I obtained my Honours degree at the University of the Witwatersrand and my Masters degree at the then University of Natal. My education background means you can count on high-level English language skills, an analytical brain and the ability to research and fact-check.

  • Ten years of writing experience at Independent Media, creating mainly lifestyle content for the Daily News’s online platforms and print editions. This means I have honed my writing skills to suit current needs.

  • Seven years content curation experience at the Daily News in Durban. This has given me a deep understanding of how news is gathered. It has helped me understand how external and social circumstances determine what people want to know how they want to receive it. It also put me in the front line of news gathering and working to 60-minute deadlines has taught me to be efficient and practical.

  • Five years as the Online Editor at the Daily News is one of my biggest accomplishments in my career. I was responsible for conceptualising and developing the newspaper’s website and social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. After five years at the helm, the Daily News’s online presence was one of the largest in the Independent Media stable. By 2016, when I left the newsroom, the Daily News’s Facebook page had nearly 12 000 engaged followers and 7 500 on Twitter.

  • Twelve years editing experience on the Daily News’s print editions as well as its online platforms. That has allowed me to hone my skills in cutting stories, pulling together many agency stories, and page layout in print and online.

  • Two years as a freelancer has meant I am my own boss, running my own business.

  • I combine a passion for creating good content with a yearning to understand and control the technical aspects of my trade. I have taught myself several content management and time management systems to work efficiently and impart that knowledge on the people I work for.

  • I build WordPress websites and dabble in coding.

  • I have done several courses on SEO, social media and content marketing.


Liandra van Staden

Working with Meneesha has been a pleasure. She is informative as a specialist, approachable as a person and absolutely purpose-driven as a woman. Thank you for your invaluable input.

Adrian Ephraim

Meneesha is a talented and gifted journalist working for the Daily News. She is managing the publication's website where she is proving her worth to the company at large. Her strengths are attention to detail and an understanding of the news environment she works in.

Alice Zejglic

Meneesha is a natural leader and works well amongst peers as well as her clients. She is a go getter, good attention to details and gives more than 100% in all her projects.

Anneline du Preez

Meneesha is one of those super-efficient, extremely competent people who gets things done. She consistently creates relevant content of a high standard. I have only the highest respect for her.

Charmaine Schwenn

Great service. Thank you!

Robyn Thekiso

Meneesha brings professionalism and creativity to every aspect of her work. Always professional and sure to find a solution, no matter the challenge. Her social media management and content development skill is superior and she always goes the extra mile. It's a pleasure working with Meneesha.

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