Sibu Msimang #MyFabulousDBN

Walk the cities of Durban, Johannesburg and Cape town, and it isn’t difficult to recognise the unique and different fashion styles of each one.

The #MyFabulous campaign, brought to the cities by Skip washing detergent, is a celebration of these different styles.

A young designer from each of the cities has been roped in to create a range that most aptly represents their city. The designers are S’bu Msimang for Durban, Jenevieve Lyons (Cape Town) and  Rich Mnisi (Johannesburg).

Phase One of the campaign kicks off in June. Msimang will start gathering inspiration via Instagram to create 10 complete looks that will be inspired by the unique styles of the three major cities of South Africa. And you have to help her.

By using the Durban hashtag – #MyFabulousDBN – and taking part in Instawalks and weekly Instagram challenges, she will be able to follow the images submitted and refer to them when she goes into production.

July, will see Msimang producing her range based on the images she sees on Instagram.  During this phase, she’ll be translating the photographs shared by the public into garments, and documenting their design process on their Instagram profiles.

Jenevieve Lyons #MyFabulousCTN

The project begins with Instawalks in all three cities. As we explore Durban and document what we see, we are expected to create a montage of images that represent #MyFabulous. The instawalk in Durban takes place on Saturday and kicks off at 10am from the Skate Park on the beachfront.

Every week in June, Skip will also post Instagram Challenges on its account, @SkipSouthAfrica, asking for your interpretation of the colours, textures, shapes and other themes that define Durban’s look.

Tag your images with the #MyFabulousDBN hashtag so Msimang and the public can track your submissions.

The #MyFabulous ranges will be all be revealed on August 13 at the Skip Fashion Exchange event in Johannesburg

At the end of the project, each designers will choose the most inspiring contributor from their city. The winner will receive their respective city’s limited edition collection tailored to fit them.

Rich Mnisi #MyFabulousJHB

Join the campaign. get to the Skate Park on saturday morning, explore our beautiful city, and share your images on Instagram.

For regular updates on the inspiration coming through, follow @SkipSouthAfrica and check in with @SibuMsimang@Rich_Mnisi,  and @Jenevieve_Lyons on Instagram. Skip’sFacebook page and Twitter accounts will also be posting updates.



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