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If you have children of school-going age, you’ve almost certainly heard talk of Minecraft. I like to think of it as online Lego. I have two children who can spend hours building worlds, escaping spiders and “spawning” sheep or pigs for food.

Minecraft is a Bafta award-winning sandbox game and is possibly the biggest new name in gaming.

With more than 100 million registered users, it is now the best-selling PC game of all time. So big was this new brand that handbooks were created, translated into 412 languages, and 1.8 million were sold last year.

The highlight for every “minecrafter” was the Minecraft Blockopedia, a hexagonal-shaped book launched in December. More than 100 000 copies were sold in just three weeks.

The handbooks have been recently updated in line with the updates of the game.

I took home four treasures for my children this week and they were over the moon.

Apparently these updated handbooks now feature the latest game changes, “loads of information about new blocks and mobs – that’s quite useful”, according to my daughter.

And, as an extra, there are 16 pages of new “stuff” in each book.

“Mobs”? “Spawn”? Clearly I am going to need a Minecrafter to review these books for me.

So, I’ve handed the Beginner’s Handbook, Redstone Handbook, Combat Handbook and Construction Handbook to my kids.

They’ve promised to write me reviews in exchange for hours on their consoles trying out what they’ve learnt!

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