#SundayRead: Eve of Man

#SundayRead: Eve of Man

Eve is special. She was the first girl to be born to the human race in 50 years. The story of her birth is tragic and dark.

All her life Eve has been kept in seclusion – away from men or boys and away from the truth of her past. All her life, Eve’s daily routine has been controlled.

She’s been groomed for one thing … her destiny. When she turns 16, three potential males could be her future and that of humanity.  She’s accepted this, understands she is different.

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Women are subjugated in insidious ways. This book is a reminder of how it happens.

But then she meets Bram – and control and freedom take on a whole new meaning.

Love has a way of messing up the noble intention and grand plans. Eve is forced into a choice between the future of the human race and love.

Eve of Man is the first novel in a trilogy. It’s an intriguing story and reminds me a lot of The Handmaid’s Tale to some extent. I look forward to the next two instalments.

Eve of Man by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher is published by Random House Penguin.

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