I live in the city of Durban – the unpolished gem of South Africa. If I didn’t have a family, I’d be that crazy cat lady your mum probably warned you not to feed!

Until November 2016, I spent my days in a newsroom, chasing the story of the day. These days, I’m working for myself and learning to be my own boss.

This space is where I share my passion for my city in words and photographs. As I embark on this new chapter in my life, I plan on exploring my city more – going off the beaten track and hopefully discovering hidden gems that I can share with you. If you think I should know about something special about the best city in South Africa, contact me and I’ll be happy to consider writing about it.

I’m an avid reader who is passionate about African literature in particular. My love for books started early. It was the novels of Ezekiel Mphahlele that changed my understanding of reading – encouraging me to rethink the concept of what makes for good or relevant literature.

If it’s mainstream literature you’re looking for, you will not necessarily find me writing about it in this blog. I aim to focus on books that, for me, are “unputdownable”.

Every now and then I may philosophise about the world around me. I can’t help thinking of the bigger issues and how they will affect my reality.

Join me on my walk through life – participate and even criticise – every interaction will teach me some new truth that will shape my world.

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