#StopMisogyny: a salute to the strong women I know

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#StopMisogyny: a salute to the strong women I know August. It’s Women’s Month in South Africa. Just over a week ago we observed Women’s Day. While marketing boffs made the most of the opportunity, this day holds a deeper meaning for South Africans, women in particular. Women’s Day is inextricably…

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Sunday read: Our House

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Sunday read: Our House Murder, property fraud, adultery, betrayal – Our House is brimming with suspense and twists. Fi arrives at her home to find a family moving into her house. The home she and Bram, her husband, had owned for years and had no intention of selling, suddenly belongs…

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Freelance does not mean my services are free, people

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Freelance does not mean my services are free, people I’m a relative newbie to the world of freelancing and I have already been caught out by a client (or two) who will not pay me. Freelancer, independent contractor, consultant … whatever we call ourselves doesn’t matter. But we all have similar…

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Sunday read: indulge me an opportunity to reflect

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Sunday read: indulge me an opportunity to reflect Today, I want to reflect on why I read. I definitely have a “type” of novel I gravitate to. I definitely don’t read a book because someone says it’s a bestseller or because it’s been shortlisted for or the winner of a…

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What the … freelance!

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What the … freelance! After almost 20 years of working in a newsroom as a sub-editor, lifestyle writer, night editor and online editor, I’d done a range of exciting jobs. But it just wasn’t enough. I realised I’d hit the glass ceiling and atrophy was slowly creeping into my body…

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Sunday read: The Poet X

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Sunday read: The Poet X The Poet X is a novel-in-verse by award-winning slam poet Elizabeth Acevedo. To truly appreciate it’s beauty you The Poet X should not be read but spoken. Take a look at Acevedo’s video to understand how this beautiful piece of writing was conceived.

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Sunday read: Who Fears Death

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Who Fears Death Let me say it up front: this is not an easy novel to read.  But it is still one of my top novels of 2018 and I think it’s worth reading. Nigerian-American author Nnedi Okorafor’s Who Fears Death is set in post-apocalyptic Sudan. Her protagonist is Onyesonwu –…

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Sunday read: An American Marriage

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Sunday read: An American Marriage An American Marriage kicked off the resurrection of the Oprah Book Club, so there has been quite a bit of hype around it. And I could not wait to get hold of this book. The novel itself has all the necessary ingredients for a tragic…

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Sunday read: The Last Romeo

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Sunday read: The Last Romeo Someone described The Last Romeo as Sex and the City meets Bridget Jones’s Diary. James is 34 and has just emerged from a 6-year relationship with Adam. He hates his job and his best friend Bella is heading off to Russia – leaving him behind. And what…

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