Online and books editor by day, mum even while I sleep, individual all the time. I live in the beautiful city of Durban - the unpolished gem in South Africa. If I didn't have a family, I'd be that crazy cat lady your mum probably warned you not to feed! Blogging is where I share, vent, rant, laugh and generally be myself. Join the ride!

Magic mix

  The Diageo Reserve World Class this week held regional finals for its Bartender of the Year competition in Durban. The competition also took place in Cape Town and Johannesburg this week. Seventeen KZN bartenders showcased their talents as two judges watched for flair, efficiency and superb cocktails. The champions of each…

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Master of a gripping tale

John Connolly was in Durban to promote his latest Charlie Parker thriller, A Song of Shadows. I caught up with him to discuss her favourite detective series  John Connolly is born and bred Irish, and it’s still home – even though he lives in the US. My first question then…

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 Diet be damned

  Take a look at what I sunk my teeth into this afternoon at Remo’s in uMhlanga. A stop for a quick coffee with a good friend, lead Karen D introducing me to this delightfully decadent treat. Cronuts are the epitome of decadence and the best pick-me-up after a rather…

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Walk the cities of Durban, Johannesburg and Cape town, and it isn’t difficult to recognise the unique and different fashion styles of each one. The #MyFabulous campaign, brought to the cities by Skip washing detergent, is a celebration of these different styles. A young designer from each of the cities…

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The political is personal

  Susan Abulhawa has just published her new novel, The Blue Between Sky and Water, and I can’t wait for it to land on my desk. I met her at the Time of the Writer Festival in Durban a few years ago and we discussed sisterhood, solidarity and playgrounds.

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Fifty Shades of not much really

  Dinner table conversation can be fascinating at times. At others it can turn into out of body (pun entirely intended) experience. A group of female friends invited me to dinner a few weeks ago. As we sipped cocktails and dined on delicious langoustines, conversation turned to marriage, juggling kids,…

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Breathing a sigh of relief

As I waded through what I had written in the past, I came across this piece I wrote four years ago to mark World Asthma Day. I remember sitting at my computer, tears streaming down my cheeks as I tried to see what was on the screen. It was the…

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#WeAreAfrica, believe it

This weekend we rubbed shoulders with celebs, eThekwini officials, journos, designers and fashionistas at a lavish function hosted by the Department of Arts and Culture to celebrate Africa Month. The #WeAreAfrica Fashion Spectacular took place at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban in honor of Africa Month. From concerts to…

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Hello world!

It’s a new journey I’m embarking on – one that has me excited and nervous all at once.

Every day I encounter new truths, challenges, and beauty around me. This space is where I will share bits of my encounters with you – through words, photos and maybe a bit of music too.

Enjoy the ride with me. Share your thoughts. Get me thinking.