For the love of food and fun

It’s Heritage Day and (for some) a long weekend to boot.

And if it’s authentic, local and yummy grub and entertainment you’re looking for, then the Durban Street Food Festival is the place to be.

Running from Thursday until Sunday, at 8 Morrison Street (located between the ICC and beachfront – just look for the crowds if you’re lost) in the city, street vendors will have a variety of street fare on sale. From roasted mealies to craft beer, “walkie-talkies” (chicken) to bunny chows; shisa nyama to vegan/vegetarian – the festival will have something for everyone to enjoy.

As an event organiser put it, “it’s a chance for Warwick Junction to meet uMhlanga’s venture capitalists” over good, wholesome food.

While food is the main focus, there is also an extensive line-up of performers planned for the 4-day event. Music, dance, small theatre – it’s all on offer at the festival this weekend.

And of course the festival will mark National Braai Day where local comedian Masood Boomgard and friends will attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest time spent braaiing.

A 4-day ticket is R150 and tickets at the door are R50 per person.

Visit the festival website or Facebook page for more information.

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