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Remember the Oyster Box’s beloved Skabenga – the world’s most famous cat?

He caused quite a stir in Durban when he vanished mysteriously a few months ago. Facebook, Twitter and whatsapp messages were awash with queries, pleas and the like in an effort to locate him.

Thankfully our feline friend was returned unscathed and oblivious to the uproar he had caused with his disappearance.

October 6 is celebration time for him – it’s his birthday party! Look forward to a morning of birthday treats and activities for kids, parents and grandparents at the Oyster Box.

Time: 10am – noon

Cost: R200 per adult; R150 per child

To share in the feline festivities book early by contacting +27 (0) 31 514 5018 or e-mail The Oyster Box.

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