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bk different class

Different Class by Joanne Harris (Doubleday)

Latin master Roy Straitley has been a teacher at St Oswald’s Grammar for 34 years.

He’s seen many boys come and go in his time – some of whom hold a special place in his heart.

He’s also come across the boy who just doesn’t fit in – the troublemaker.

With the school facing insolvency and academic failure, huge changes take place.

A new headmaster introduces new technology, sharp suits and even girls to the school.

And as Straitley attempts to adapt to, and resist, the new order, a shadow from the past re-emerges. Twenty years, on a past pupil who is capable of very bad things, who almost cost him his job, enters Straitley’s life again.

Joanne Harris always delivers exceptional reads. This psychological thriller promises to be no different.

bk mzansi zen

Mzansi Zen by Antony Osler (Jacana)

Antony Osler is a former Zen monk, who lives on a Karoo farm with his wife Margie.

Mzansi Zen is an unusual collection of stories, poems and photos that are meant to inspire people to take pleasure in the ordinariness of our lives.

This book is an attempt to look past the beauty and heartache in our country, past the brilliance and disappointment. It is an attempt to look beyond opinions and fears and see things exactly as they are.

It is here, that Zen philosophy believes that readers will find the thing that will open their minds and hearts.

bk sparks2

The Sword and the Pen by Allister Sparks (Jonathan Ball)

Allister Sparks began work as a reporter at the age of 17. He’s had an illustrious career in the media industry.

The Sword and the Pen is his story of how, as a journalist, he observed, chronicled and participated in South Africa’s political landscape for more than 66 years.

From the premiership of DF Malan to the presidency of Jacob Zuma, Sparks has been there to witness and capture events as they unfolded.

Sparks takes the reader on his journey from the birth of apartheid, to the rise of the political opposition, to the dawn of democracy and to the crisis he sees the country experiencing right now.

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