Sunday read: The Girl Who Saw Lions

Sunday read: The Girl Who Saw Lions

There’s no better press drop than a book drop in our home. And when it’s a young adult novel, there’s inevitably an argument about who gets to read the book first. The Girl Who Saw Lions by Berlie Doherty landed on my desk last week.

Abela is from a village in Tanzania and has lost everything. She’s forced to flee her home to Britain, where she is an illegal migrant.⠀

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In England, Rosa is struggling to understand why her mum wants to adopt another child. And when these two girls are brought together under trying circumstances, one wonders if they could ever grow to love each other like sisters.

Doherty is a Carnegie Medal-winning author so I’m expecting powerful writing in this story, which was inspired by the author’s visit to Africa.⠀

The young one in our home won this round – she’s reading the novel first. I wait patiently for her to hand it over…⠀

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  • The Girl Who Saw Lions, written by Berlie Doherty, is published by Penguin Random House
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