Sunday read: indulge me an opportunity to reflect

Sunday read: indulge me an opportunity to reflect

Today, I want to reflect on why I read.

I definitely have a “type” of novel I gravitate to. I definitely don’t read a book because someone says it’s a bestseller or because it’s been shortlisted for or the winner of a literary award.

I read because I love the act. I read because it allows me to lose myself in a solitary space in the pages of a book peopled with characters that I can imagine as I wish them to be. I read because a book is “unputdownable”.

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My bookshelves are overflowing. Some day I will have the time to sort them by genre and colour!

So, while the works of Shakespeare sit in close proximity to Arundhati Roy’s writing on my bookshelves, so too is there a space for a few crime thrillers and romance novels. I even wrestle my pre-teen daughter for the books she’s reading.

Full disclosure: I love the Twilight series. I really do. But please don’t ask me to read the 50 Shades series again. I may hurl all over those badly-written pages.

Subjective act

Reading is an entirely subjective experience. And I love being free to be subjective without having to justify or explain it. And in a world where we’re increasingly turning to the instant-gratification realm of video and images, I believe literary snobbery is a dangerous game. I encourage my kids to read labels on food, signs at the supermarket, even dosage directions for their meds. It’s a habit I developed as a child and it grew into a love affair with words that serves me well even today.

I would love to know what encourages you to read. Drop me a comment or email and share your thoughts.

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