#SundayRead: F**k Plastic

#SundayRead: F**k Plastic

I’ve written extensively about my plastic-free journey this year. If, like me, you’d like to join the war on plastic, get your hands on this nifty pocketbook.

It offers you 101 ways you can join the campaign.

There are 51 trillion particles of plastic in our oceans – possibly more than the marine life that inhabits it. It’s a sobering thought.

In this book, you can find simple tricks and tips you can do in your everyday life to reduce your plastic footprint on the earth.

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The message is simple: cut down on single-use plastic and help save the world. From opting for an ice cream cone instead of ice cream in a plastic container to changing over to a shampoo bar rather than the liquid variety which comes in a single-use plastic bottle – this book offers you lots of cool ideas.

This book is important because it begins an important conversation that we should be having. It’s practical and useful. It shows, with just a small bit of thought, anyone can be an activist.

Have you thought about how you consume plastic? Have you considered how you could reduce your plastic footprint? I’ve shared a few of my tips in a blog earlier this year.

F**k Plastic is published by Orion Publishing.

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