Who would have thought.

I first happened on these funny objects when my dad presented my kids with about 20 of them two weeks ago.

They of course were ecstatic – apparently Stikeez are all the rage at school and because I do not shop at Pick ‘n Pay I had denied my children the opportunity of displaying their own collections to their friends.

Thank goodness for grandparents, then.

Love them or hate them, Stikeez are one of Pick ‘n Pay’s most ingenious marketing tool. These plastic toys that stick on just about anything – and make the most annoying popping sound when they’re pulled off – are apparently given away at till points every time a shopper spends more than R150.

Maybe that’s the reason they’re such a sought after treasure on the playgrounds across South Africa.

Today I received an e-mail that took the Stikeez story to a whole new, bizarre level.

Apparently, so high is the demand that “enterprising entrepreneurs” and desperate mums are putting them up for sale and swop on Gumtree!

Gumtree’s parent company, eBay, has also seen increased traffic from SA. Social media was inundated with links to the online auction site selling bulk amounts of Stikeez last week.

On Gumtree the average cost of a Stikee is R10 while complete collections average about R200.

Pick ‘n Pay itself hasn’t indicated what impact Stikeez has had on its revenue, but marketer Jon Cherry of Cherryflava has said that according to some sources the craze has been responsible for an estimated 12% increase in the retailer’s profit.

Mind-boggling! #EnoughSaid

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