Short and edgy – why not?

There is one me-time indulgence I will only forego under extreme duress. Every four weeks, I make my trip to Style Studio on 7 where trusty Jenna works magic on my nails.

But working on a computer also means I cannot have those long beautifully crafted nails that I can only watch Jenna create on other fingers.

IMG_5713A quick survey among friends and colleagues and I learnt there are many women out there who want pretty, crafted nails but don’t want “talons”. They won’t visit a nail studio because many studios only highlight their long nail creations.

But who says we can’t have pretty nails too? Just take a look at my latest Spring Fever nail fix. Short and edgy – they look stunning as I tap away at my keyboard!

And for the rest of you short-nailed women, don’t let length hold you back. Spoil yourself to a bit of fun and frivolity. You won’t be disappointed.

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