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Boy, has it been a busy few weeks for me – so much so that I’ve neglected sharing with you the latest book arrivals at my door.

I do hope, however, you got to read my last posts on Good Me Bad Me and Middle School – and with the school holidays creeping up, it may be a good idea to get your kids a copy of a James Patterson book to keep them busy during their break.

I received these books a while ago, and this long weekend may be the perfect opportunity for me to get lost in their pages.

Christmas Under the Stars
Christmas Under the Stars

Christmas Under the Stars

By Karen Swan (Pan Macmillan)

Secrets – they’re devastatingly powerful and always spell trouble.

Set in Banff, a popular resort town in the Canadian Rockies, this is a story about forever friendships and loves that are shattered by one tragic event.

Meg and Mitch are weeks away from being married. Their closest friends, Tuck and Lucy, work with them. The four of them do just about everything together. Meg and Lucy are like sisters, while Mitch and Tuck have turned their passion for snowboarding into a lucrative business.

But then the worst storm in 40 years hits the town and Mitch sets out on a suicidal rescue mission on his own. He does not return.

Alone and afraid in their tiny log cabin, Meg desperately tries to radio for help. It comes from a lone male voice across the airwaves.

After the storm passes and Meg tries to come to terms with her loss, her friendship with Tuck and Lucy begins to take strain. Tensions, rivalries and secrets test the three to their limits. Meg once again turns to her radio contact, the male voice who speaks to her literally from space. As they share confidences she soon realises this stranger out in space knows her better than her closest friends.

The House of New Beginnings
The House of New Beginnings

The House of New Beginnings

By Lucy Diamond (Pan Macmillan)

Number 11, Dukes Square, Brighton, may look like just a house to many. But for three of its tenants it is a place of new beginnings.

Each of them has moved into the house and is attempting to start over.

Charlotte is recovering from a devastating loss. She needs to keep her head down and survive each day. But an unlikely friendship develops between her and another tenant – the glamorous and rather pushy Margot. Charlotte finds herself being forced to come out of her shell and deal with the outside world.

Georgie follows her long-term boyfriend to Brighton. Life’s not turned out quite as she’s planned with her and Simon. But maybe this move is the beginning of something better for them. In the meantime, Georgie is determined to carve out a new career for herself as a journalist. What she doesn’t expect, however, is all the trouble she’s heading into in the process.

Rosa, on the other hand, is running away from an ex-boyfriend and a failed relationship. In an attempt to mend her broken heart, Rosa gives up all that is familiar and comfortable for new life and gruelling as a sous chef at the Hotel Zanzibar in Brighton. And if that’s not enough, her neighbor has left her to deal with her surly teen daughter – a young girl who challenges Rosa on every level.

This novel is about these three women developing an unlikely friendship amidst all the turmoil and baggage of their lives. It promises to be a good weekend read.

  • If you’ve read either of these books, please let me know what you thought.


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