Review: Good Me Bad Me

Review: Good Me Bad Me

Wow. Not since reading Gone Girl have I been so sucked into a novel like I was when I read Good Me Bad Me, a debut novel by Ali Land.

Annie has been through too much for a girl this young. Horror upon horror is visited on this child’s mind and body by the person who should be protecting her – her mother.

Now, Annie is forced to live with the fact that she has turned her serial killer mother in to the police.


Living with a new identity and a foster family, Annie becomes Milly. Unfortunately for Milly, new life, new me it isn’t. Milly is haunted by the horrors of her past in many ways. Add to that foster sister from hell and bullies at school – Milly struggles to fit in.

Good Me Bad Me deals with many themes – hierarchy and bullying at schools as well as dysfunctional families and their effects. But most striking is the characterisation of Milly herself. Right up to the last word, you’re kept on your toes as you try to figure her out.

Good Me Bad Me is one of the most disturbing and gut wrenching novels I’ve read. It left me breathless as I hoped for a happy ending that I knew was not of the cards.

  • Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land is published by Penguin Random House


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