Sunday read: The Last Romeo

Sunday read: The Last Romeo

Someone described The Last Romeo as Sex and the City meets Bridget Jones’s Diary.

James is 34 and has just emerged from a 6-year relationship with Adam. He hates his job and his best friend Bella is heading off to Russia – leaving him behind.

And what is there to do when you’re adrift, single and lonely in London? Online dating, of course!

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James blogs each encounter as the mysterious Romeo – and suddenly James has online fans who lap up his dating tales.

But, social media – as I’ve said time and time again – isn’t all fun and fame. While James’s Twitter fame shoots through the roof, so too does his paranoia.

Soon he realises that maybe in the search for a fairytale ending some things are better left unshared.⠀

The Last Romeo combines humour, social commentary and mundane issues in a fabulous tale of the search for a happy ending. Of course, happiness is relative and endings only mean new beginnings. This one is one of my favourite novels for 2018.

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  • The Last Romeo, written by Justin Myers, is published by Jonathan Ball
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