Sunday read: What Lies Within

Sunday read: What Lies Within

I’ve had a few “burning-issues” kind of books land on my desk recently. These are my favourite kinds of books. Stories that weave an intricate narrative with social observation and even commentary are what I gravitate to.

However, I find myself turning to a lighter read every now and then … just to get off the hamster wheel. Sometimes I read just for a good story, a bit of romance and intrigue and to escape the sometimes overwhelming reality of what is going on around me.

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When I picked up What Lies Within, I was seeking that escape. I wanted to lose myself in a good story. Halfway through it, and I’m enjoying it tremendously. It’s not exactly the light read I was looking for.

Annabelle Thorpe takes us into the darker side of expat life. Romance and mysticism are inextricably entwined in danger and deceit and dark secrets. But the novel is evenly-paced, descriptive and makes for great downtime reading.

Freya and Paul are going through a difficult patch in their marriage. When their best friend Hamad presents a unique opportunity for them in Marrakech, it’s not only a fantastic career opportunity for them both but also a possible way to start afresh and rekindle their relationship.

But, nothing is that simple…

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  • What Lies Within, written by Annabelle Thorpe, is published by Quercus
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