LinkedIn leads the way in long-form content

LinkedIn leads the way in long-form content

Last week I took a mini break from creating to do a bit of research. Like with anything, being on top of your game in what you do means research and learning. I spent my time understanding LinkedIn and how it has evolved since I first joined in 2008.

The platform is changing and adapting rapidly and it is a no-brainer that every professional and/or brand should nurture their presences on this platform.

Did you know LinkedIn has a blogging option? It is a huge drawcard on this social media platform and after exploring it and playing around with the functions, I was suitably impressed.

And I’ve since learnt that when LinkedIn added the option, more people began using the platform regularly. And more users are attracted to the blog function on the platform.

Sharing cutting-edge content in the form of an article on LinkedIn has opened a new and unique route for users to extend their reach and influence.

Brands who aren’t keen on creating their own blog sites can now have a readymade platform that has all of the functionality of a blog site right there on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn blog allows you to increase brand visibility, while at the same time highlighting your thought leadership.

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If you aren’t keen on running a separate blog site, LinkedIn offers you the perfect space in which to share quality content in the long-form format.

Boosting exposure

As long as you are creating quality content, you will not have problems getting it to spread. Once you publish a blog in your feed, it will appear on the home pages of the people you’re connected to. They can read it, like it and comment on it. When they engage, your blog will appear on the home pages of their connections – and so your footprint increases.

Readers can also share your blog on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, thus allowing you to expand your reach further and on to other social media platforms.

A really cool feature of blogging on LinkedIn is that its built-in analytics allows you to track views, comments and shares – allowing you to know exactly how useful that content is.

Blogging on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to rank high in search engines. Forget keyword stuffing and the like, LinkedIn and search engines like each other. When you publish a blog on LinkedIn, Google will pick it up.

Another fantastic win for blogging on LinkedIn is how effortless it can be to attract readers. I started my own blog JustMeneesha some four years ago. It’s been a slog gaining followers. It takes commitment, consistency and time. While creating content has never been the problem for me, finding the time to do has always tripped me up.

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn provides you with a readymade and significant number of people who may want to read what you have to say.

I tested the waters recently with a blog about a novel I read. It was a simple review so it didn’t take much work.

But, what I did like was that I was also able to redirect readers to my website with a link to the blog.

So, not only was I sharing an article with more people, I was also creating an opportunity for people to visit my website too. That online footprint is growing!

Getting started

Once you know what it is you want to write and if you write well writing an article for your LinkedIn blog should be easy. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Create original content. I know you’ve heard me harping on about originality and quality. But it really is the cornerstone of online activity. Take some time to consider who is on LinkedIn, who your immediate connections are and tailor your content to their needs. Then review your analytics – note what works and what doesn’t. Do more of what works.
  • Update your page regularly. Consistency is another crucial element to being online.
  • Add visuals. Nobody likes a slab of grey copy. Especially not on the internet. Visual content engenders the most engagement so make the most of it. Images, video, infographics – they help your content stand out in news feeds and attract more readers.
  • Add relevant resources and links. It’s essential to back up your opinion with relevant information. Cite recent industry news, reports, opinion leaders and quotes. They boost your credibility, indicate that you have your finger on the pulse and connect your ideas to those of the community.
  • Use hashtags. LinkedIn, like Instagram, favours hashtags. Use them wisely. They will attract many more readers.

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