Sunday read: The ‘Adults’

#SundayRead: The ‘Adults’

Many things give it away – the quotes in the headline, the definition at the beginning of the novel.

This is a novel about people who believe they are adults – mature and perfected – but who, in reality, are not. And to be honest, how can you have “normal” family once parents divorce? Really? Really!

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Claire and Matt are divorced and have a daughter Scarlett. They decide that, in spite of their divorce, they would have a “normal” family Christmas together – along with their new partners and Scarlett’s imaginary rabbit friend, Posey (the irony of this name did not escape me).

Claire arrives at Happy Forest Holiday Park with her new boyfriend, Patrick, and Matt joins them with Alex, the “love of his life”. And if you think three is a crowd, five (or six if you count Posey) promises to be a stampede.

Happy family

What ensues is organised fun during the day followed too much alcohol and oversharing into the night.

By now you get the picture … not much adulting happens in this novel. Well, not much admirable adulting happens in this novel.

This “normal” holiday will end with a call to the police. Someone will lay bleeding at Happy Forest after being shot with an archer’s bow.

How did normal lead to macabre? Read The ‘Adults’ to find out.

  • The ‘Adults’ by Caroline Hulse is published by Orion.
  • Read more about the books I love here.
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