#SundayRead: The Necessary Marriage

#SundayRead: The Necessary Marriage

Once you get past the slow start to this book and get to grips with the underlying commentary, I promise this novel will be worth the read. Jane and Leonard, 16-year-old pupil and teacher, fall in love in the 1970s and get married – against the wishes of Jane’s parents.

After having two daughters and setting up home, Jane questions the decisions she made as a naive teenager. Jane loves Leonard but cannot come to terms with his sexual repression.

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Then bad boy Andrew moves in next door with his wife Marion. Their noisy, and sometimes violent, altercations often lead to Jane stepping in to take care of their two sons. And when Marion leaves, Jane finds herself drawn into a family drama that forces her to confront her own family issues.


The novel is written in three parts and we see the unfolding story from the points of view of Jane and Leonard, then Marion and Andrew and finally their children.

This is a story that is real and filled with passion and heartbreak. The conclusion took me by surprise – it fell a bit flat for me. But the overall story was a good one.

I read The Necessary Marriage in a weekend and enjoyed it enough to recommend it.

  • The Necessary Marriage by Elisa Lodato is published by Orion Books
  • Read more about the books I read here.
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