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So what does this selfie say about me?

So what does this selfie say about me?

As long as there is a fad out there, there’s sure to be someone who will also research it.

And so in Singapore, according to the Daily Mail, researchers from  Nanyang Technological University examined selfies and some 600 volunteers who took them.

A questionaire to judge “agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness” was also filled in by the volunteers.

So, according to the esteemed researchers, here are a few things you can learn about yourself, and others, just by looking at the selfies you take:

* if you hold the camera up high, you’re less likely to be agreeable;

* if you pout or put on your “duck face” then you’re more prone to neuroticism or moodiness;

* if you choose a public sopt to take your selfie, like a park or the beach, then you’re more likely to be conscientious or dependable.

Oh, my personal favourite – you’re possibly an open and warm person if you smile for your selfie.

The mind boggles at what excites the academic mind, but this one had me giggling for ages.

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