Social media peeves: how they hurt your brand

Social media peeves: how they hurt your brand

Peeves … you know – those things you do on social media that give users scratchy eyeballs. They may seem like small issues, but together they can hurt your brand and hinder your efforts in building a strong online presence.

In this blog, I’m going to share a thing or two on what not to do on social media. Minor changes to your profile or page may lead to greater, sustainable benefits for your brand.

Profile picture

First off: There is nothing more annoying than a profile or page without a profile picture (or even an inappropriate one). Your profile picture is 100% your brand. Why would you want to omit it or use one that is unprofessional and/or inappropriate?

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Posts that are riddled with errors make my eyeballs itch

Grammar and spelling

Peeve number two is a big one for me. It may be because words are part of my craft, but seeing a typo or poor grammar in a post causes me to immediately switch off from that post and even consider unfollowing a feed if the errors persist. In a world where we are spoilt for choice when it comes to available content, why should I subject myself to poorly-created content?

Posts that are riddled with errors look sloppy and unprofessional. Before clicking on that post button, review what you’ve written, correct errors, and review again. Thankfully, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn even allow you to edit your posts once they’ve been posted – use the function. Please!


I’m a strong believer in quality over quantity. If I can’t create something valuable, I’d rather not post anything than post for the sake of being visible. This brings me to my next peeve … thinking you need to post 10 / 20 times a day. Many argue that you should post often to keep up visibility. I believe that relevance, quality and consistency are more important. These should determine what and how often you post. At the end of the day, many variables – including platform and algorithms – will influence the frequency of your posts. There is no one-size fits all. My only advice is to make sure every single time you post something it enhances your brand.

JustMeneesha, Meneesha Govender, blog, freelance, freelancer, entrepreneur, engagement

Why gamble on your brand? It makes no sense.

Winging it

Do you really think it’s acceptable to “wing it”?

The successful use of social media to promote your brand requires a lot more than just knowing how to send a tweet or schedule a post across many platforms. Excellent social media accounts set themselves apart by having a solid plan based on clear long-term goals and short-term objectives. They are prominent on the right platforms so that they increase their reach among their target audiences. They are successful because they plan and strategise. They are successful because they know how to make the system work for their brand.

My final takeaway is simple: don’t gamble on your brand!

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