#FreelanceFriday: Dear freelancer. I see you, I salute you

#FreelanceFriday: Dear freelancer. I see you, I salute you

Rates and fair pay are hands down the most talked about issue amongst independent consultants. It became evident to me when, as chair of a freelancing organisation, the questions that we fielded most often was around our rates survey and report.

And as our economy hits uncertain times, many of us in the gig economy are the first to feel the burn. As I await news of another massive fuel hike and as everyone tightens their belts around me, I find myself grappling with the question of how I position myself so I too can survive.

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This quote resonates right now.


It’s at times like these that the fear creeps in and I wonder again whether I made the right choices. “What if I can’t find enough clients? Can I afford to increase my rates? What if I don’t make enough money? Am I charging what I am worth?  What if I am ill and can’t work? The questions are endless. They are incessant.

I’ve learnt that South African freelancers extend into tens of thousands. So there are tens of thousands of people like me out there who are grappling with similar questions and anxieties. Maybe it’s time to connect and speak as a single voice. At the very least, we should be supporting and collaborating with each other.


What I’ve learnt on this journey is that to be a freelancer I need bucketloads of tenacity and courage. I need to have faith and confidence in my ability to deliver if I say I will.

Being a freelancer is not easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

To every freelancer out there, I see you. I salute you.

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