On rebellion and healing: my journey

In a time of uncertainty, I often descend into quiet and solitude. It’s a defense mechanism on some level. Solitude is also a space to heal and dig deep for answers.

This holiday has seen me doing a great deal of introspection and healing.

I have never experienced so many changes in such a short time as the last 10 weeks have thrown at me.

Rebellion: A quote from Osho

I was reeling and unsettled. I needed to reconnect with myself and find my purpose again.

Rumi, Khalil Gibran, Rupi Kaur and Osho have been my go-to reads.

As I write this, the tenacious early morning light filters softly into my bedroom where the curtains are drawn. It’s a metaphor. It’s an awakening. It’s important.

These words on rebellion by Osho have resonated strongly within me, so I’m sharing them with you:

“Rebellion is individual action; it has nothing to do with the crowd.
Rebellion has nothing to do with politics, power, violence.
Rebellion has something to do with changing your consciousness, your silence, your being.
It is a spiritual metamorphosis.”
Another quote on rebellion from Osho
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