Tuesday thoughts: rebuilding shelf by shelf

Tuesday thoughts: rebuilding shelf by shelf

The last two months have been a roller coaster of emotions and change in my life – some good and some bad.

The death of my mum, a massive career changing decision, allowing our young children to travel overseas without us and general end-of-year burnout seemed more than I could handle at times. I was a ball of nerves and emotions.

New space, new me, new goals

But working on my new office space has been a therapeutic act of re-centring, reflection and rebuilding. As we purged the trash, pulled up stained carpets so too did I begin to purge my mind of negative thoughts.

As I placed each of my precious books on my new bookshelves a bit of the self-doubt and anxiety began to dissipate. Books are like little miracles that light up my soul.

Here is a sneak peak my new me space. There is still a lot more to do – turns out I don’t have enough shelf space for all of my books! But this holiday I plan on doing a little every day so that come January 12, when the next chapter of my new life begins, my space will be ready and perfect.

Watch this space for a few more snapshots of my work in progress.


Note the books still on the floor – I need more shelves!

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  1. Wow – that looks like an amazing collection of books. Would certainly make a great work space!

  2. Dear Meneesha,

    This looks exciting! Beginning anew and doing what one loves can be healing and nourishing and refreshing. Haven’t seen you in ages but wanted to wish you well for this new endeavour…all the best, Fazila.

    • Thank you Fazila. I am looking forward to healing and recharging as I create a new physical space for myself. Keep well and please do let me know when you are in Durban again. It would be great to meet again

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