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Here are three great books that landed on my desk recently. Take a look – one of them may interest you.

 Holding My Breath

by Ace Moloi (Blackbird)

It’s been more than a decade since Ace Moloi’s mother died. In all that time he has tried in vain to answer to ignore persistent questions that plague him about grief and healing.

In Holding My Breath, an emotional letter to his mother, Moloi attempts to interrogate and confront the trauma of losing his mother when he was still a child.

This is a heart-wrenching story of a young boy’s journey from being loved to a life where love is just a distant memory.

  Britt-Marie Was Here

by Frederik Backman (Sceptre Books)

Britt-Marie is not difficult or anything – she just expects things to be done in a particular way (preferably her way). But there’s more to the pedantic busybody than anyone can imagine.

When she finds herself unemployed and separated from her husband of 20 years, Britt-Marie has to pull it together to fend for herself in the miserable backwater town of Borg. And to top it off, she’s tasked with running the local children’s football team.

Thrown completely put of her comfort zone, Britt-Marie must sink or swim. It’s at this point that people meet the woman behind the stuffy outward persona . This Britt-Marie has dreams and imagination, and a warmer heart than anyone would have thought possible.

Britt-Marie Was Here is a perfect holiday read.

 Princess: Secrets to Share

by Jean Sasson (Bantam Books)

The princess series is a collaboration between jean Sasson and Princess Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia. The series focuses on the life of the princess and royal family, looking in particular at women in Saudi Arbaia.

In this instalment the authors bring readers up to date on the the work done by the princess and her helpers to rescue women who are enslaved.

There is Dr Meena, who helps abused women to heal and fight for their rights. There are also the stories of women from Pakistan, Syria and some living in Turkish refugee camps. These are the women who suffer the consequences of the ongoing war in their countries.

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